Private Property Impounds (PPI)

 “Private property impound(s)” or “PPI” means the impoundment of a vehicle from a private parking facility at the request of the property owner, operator, lessee, manager or person in lawful possession of the private property facility, without the prior consent of the vehicle's registered owner. 


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Has your vehicle been impounded?

The registered owner will need the following documents:

​- Valid government issued ID 

- Proof of Ownership, shall include:

  • Current vehicle registration,
  • Vehicle title,
  • Insurance card with the vehicle/vessel owner's information and vehicle description,
  • Licensed dealer in possession of an auction buyer's sales invoice, and/or
  • A notarized bill of sale for non-titled vehicles or vessels.

If the vehicles registered owner is unable to pick up the vehicle they will need an authorized driver/agent with a notarized release from the vehicle/vessel owner or lien holder. Vehicle/vessel owners have the right to identify/approve designated agents to claim vehicles on their behalf. A facsimile or electronic transfer of a notarized release statement from the vehicle/vessel owner shall be accepted.